Grow Your Own Lawn Chair with the Help of Cardboard

September 29, 2016


Terra chairs are making a comeback! The Studio Nucleo design team stopped production of the grow-your-own-lawnchair design in 2005 but are ready to “grow” again. The idea is simple: Sculpted pieces of corrugated cardboard create the shape, then the furniture farmer only has to fill in the gaps with dirt, sprinkle some grass seed on top and let nature do its thing.



Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 8.55.33 AM


Voilà! You have your own lawn chair. Just don’t ask us how to mow it.

If you’re feeling handy, you can create your own chair frame by using cardboard you have around your home. Simply (and carefully) create notches to secure the pieces together and create the chair shape you want.

“What’s great about corrugated paper design is that as the grass grows and the roots take hold, the paper will simply biodegrade,” Ernest Packaging Solutions President, Tim Wilson, says “That’s what makes using paper so eco-friendly!”

It’s true. Corrugated paper is one of the most sustainable packaging materials out there. For one, it takes 75% less energy to turn old corrugated paper back into a usable product. Also, tree farming efforts mean manufacturers use less land for the wood needed to create cardboard. And paper is made from lumber by products so there is no need to cut a tree down just to make a sheet of paper. Finally, cardboard is easily recyclable; in fact, 80% of retailers and grocers recycle their old cardboard.

Creating innovative and sustainable designs is something we at Ernest Packaging Solutions take very seriously. We even crafted a completely recyclable snowboard out of paper! Learn more about our sustainability solution and download our Sustainability Brochure.