Have You Seen the Tiniest Paper Engine Ever?

April 05, 2016


There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who make working V8 engines out of paper and those who don’t. And the YouTuber in the latter category tells one impressive story. That’s coming from our team, and we’re the people who do crazy cardboard things all the time, so that’s high praise!

Keep in mind, this isn’t just some tiny model engine that just looks cool. It actually moves and operates the same way a car engine would but by using air from a deflating balloon as the “fuel.” We snagged some of our favorite parts of this innovator’s video (below) and turned them into GIFs for a quick peek at some of the most amazing parts of this engine. You really should watch the video just to hear the sweet racket it makes when in use.






Hold your hand up as if you’re picturing a little mouse tearing around on a mini motorcycle powered by this paper bad boy? **HOLDS HAND INCREDIBLY HIGH**

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