Boeing’s Metal Innovation Got Us Thinking about Package Redesign

December 01, 2015


Have you heard of Moore’s Law? In simple terms, it’s the belief that computing technology will double in speed and power every two years. And over the last 40 years it has, more or less, been correct. Or should we say Moore or less? We’ve got jokes for days over here!

Anyway … faster, stronger, smaller computer chips and other technology are changing the way we understand package design and shipping logistics. Things like real-time atmospheric monitoring, 3D printing and drone deliveries were not in the packaging radar just a few years ago due to technology or cost-related issues.

Take, for example, Boeing’s Microlattice innovation – a.k.a. the lightest metal ever!

The thought of using metal protection in packaging would, for the most part, be unthinkable due to the added weight. But then comes along something strong enough to send to space (and back), yet light enough to set on a dandelion.

We are already using new and superior lightweight, ECT liners to make boxes that are stronger and more cost effective in package design. The industry is always moving forward and creating the next generation of packaging technology. Whether it be light weight materials that are stronger than steel or micro-tech that lets consumers know when their milk is about to spoil. The reason for packaging and the effectiveness of good design will never change, but the tools in of designers are always evolving.

If the speed of technological changes is too much for you to handle, don’t worry about it. That’s our job! Partner with Ernest Packaging Solutions for a solution today and an eye to the future. Contact us today to see how we can help you manage whatever comes next and rest assured you’ll be ready to take advantage of change when the time is right.