April 03, 2020


COVID-19 has the country in a crisis. Medical supplies and life-saving materials need to get out. And our clients are there to help healthcare facilities and those on the frontlines. We’re dedicated to our work with these necessary businesses to make sure supply chains keep moving and we find the right solutions for their products and services.

Here are some who are doing it right.


Abdul Rashid, COO of AST Sportswear, acted decisively. AST Sportswear normally makes T-shirts, but now they’re converting 100% American-made and -sourced shirt materials into reusable, cotton face masks and sending them out to hospitals across the US.

That’s boldness you can’t ignore.

Abdul Rashid had this to say, “We’ve never sewn or distributed masks before, and Ernest has really stepped up to the challenge. We couldn’t be more grateful to work side-by-side with them to get these shipped out.”

AST Sportswear also made the charitable decision to provide these masks free to any hospital.

Read and learn more about their inspiring story on ABC News. For now, let’s take a moment to admire their courage and ingenuity.


People are desperately searching for solutions, and our client BioFire Diagnostics is on the job. They’re creating a rapid and accurate diagnostics test to identify those who are sick.

But their challenge isn’t just to design these tests. They needed Ernest Packaging Solutions to expedite their orders because people and facilities needed them fast.

“We would appreciate your willingness to help us expedite our raw materials to ensure a flawless execution,” said Darcy Kotter, BioFire’s senior director of purchasing. “It will take all of us to rise to this challenge, as we offer an accurate and quick diagnostic test for all.”

At Ernest, we’re always ready to get in the trenches with our clients and create solutions.


During this pandemic certain businesses are essential, and The Hamilton Company is one of those businesses, as they continue to aid in the fight against COVID with critical supplies.

Hamilton provides instruments that are used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. These products test and treat patients who are battling the Coronavirus.

They reached out to us and said, “Your cooperation in supplying parts to the Hamilton Company to support the COVID-19 testing effort is essential. [Ernest] needs to stay in operation despite ANY shutdowns to ensure that the supply chain supporting the global Healthcare system remains intact. We appreciate your partnership in this critical time of need.”

Their work is important and we take it seriously. So we’re responding to their call with a resounding “Yes!” We plan on working hard to help their supply chains run smoothly, no matter what.

We commend the Hamilton Company for their persistence and perseverance.


Our hats go off to these businesses and others who are going out of their way to help others in these trying times.

These are essential products that we’re helping our clients package and distribute. We want them to know that we’re here for them every step of the way — to boost efficiency, manage distribution and logistics, and give installation assistance with our support team.

We have our team on the streets, and they’re ready to help you in our many locations. If your business is looking for packaging support in these times, contact us here.

Whatever you need, we’ve got your back.