A Look At Great Packaging Design with Ernest Packaging

January 17, 2020

If there’s one thing our designers can tell you, it’s that packaging has gotta knock the socks off your customer. Like, BAM, POW! We’re talking “I’ve gotta upload this to YouTube” levels of “wow.” 

When you need a big hit, it’s paper packaging that brings home the gold. We’ve been saying it for over 70 years at Ernest, and our friends at the Paper and Packaging Board read us loud and clear. Together we put a spotlight on our favorite substrate back at SXSW 2017, and today we’re sharing the spotlight again in our latest collaboration. Roll film!

When you think “sexy unboxing video,” you probably don’t think about orthodontics. Take one look at the Pitts 21 system from our client World Class Technology and you might change your mind. This sleek system is the premier solution in their industry, and it deserved “a package that reflects how unique and forward-thinking the product is.”

Those were the hopes of World Class Marketing Manager Eric Ackerman. And that’s where paper packaging delivered BIG time.

Enter Stephen Simich, Director of our Creative Design Group. With nearly 25 years under his belt at Ernest, Stephen saw the solution with eagle-eyed clarity. 

World Class’ competitors were tossing their dental systems into dinky plastic baggies — hardly fitting for a high-tech solution like orthodontics. It was time for the Pitts 21 system to take its rightful throne thanks to a paper packaging glow-up.

The solution: a folding carton with a glossy, matte finish. It looked unlike anything else in the competitive landscape, with a unique unboxing experience to match. World Class was blown away by the results… and so were their customers.

“You can go online at any moment and type in Pitts 21 and find someone from some country showing off their box,” touts Eric. A fitting celebration for our client’s flagship product, and a testament to the greatness of paper packaging.

When you want your brand’s message to stick, call in the all-stars at Ernest. Premium packaging can help you drive stronger sales and impress your customers. Head over to our solutions page to see how Ernest can shine a well-deserved spotlight on your brand through the power of packaging.