The Ice Cream Museum is Real (No Screaming Required)

July 25, 2017


Summer is starting to swell, and we’re looking for ways to beat the heat. The cold-chain market is growing at a crazy pace, and there are plenty of walk-in coolers to help you cool off, but we can’t help but look for something a bit flashier… and tastier, too! We’re happy to see best of all worlds has come together this Ice Cream Month to make what might just be the best thing we’ve ever seen: The Museum of Ice Cream.

Here’s the scoop: The Museum of Ice Cream is a collaborative art gallery, which completely sold out in New York last year. Recently the museum reopened in LA, four times larger than its original run. That’s a major sugar buzz, but well worth it!

The gallery includes work from artists in all mediums, edible or otherwise. Throughout the exhibit, you’ll sample ice cream sandwiches, cotton candy and all variety of toppings for everyone’s favorite summertime dessert.

And did we mention the entire room full of sprinkles?

There’s an entire room full of sprinkles.

museum of ice cream


While the Museum of Ice Cream is filled with fake ice cream props, at Ernest we handle the real deal all the time. That means we have to be on our toes to ship tasty frozen treats cross-country, even during those scorching California summers. That’s why we engineered our very own TempEndure® system to control the temperature of your custom packaging solution across the entire shipping cycle. We’ve got a whole portfolio full of temperature-controlled solutions we’ve provided in our 70 years of business, even when the contents are more likely to take a bite out of you.

So if you find yourself needing to transport several thousand pints of ice cream in the middle of the summer heat, drop us a line to see how we “cone” help.