Innovation Started With Edison: A Few of His Inventions That We Still Use Today

November 27, 2012


“Innovation.” When you hear that word, doesn’t a LIGHTBULB in your brain come on? For many of us at Ernest Packaging Solutions, Thomas Edison comes to mind as the granddaddy of awesome inventions. But how many of his inventions are we still using today? More than you’d expect. A recent BuzzFeed article highlights how Edison’s old-school inventions became modern technology. Does this thing-a-ma-jig look familiar? Back in the day, Edison invented the electrical printing machine. Today, modern innovators have turned it into … Drumroll …  the modern keyboard! While it underwent a few changes before it became the laptop or keyboard we use today, where would we be without it?

And one that hits close to home here at Ernest Packaging Solutions. Edison invented the fruit preserver in 1881. But we use it today as … VACUUM SEALERS! Just another way we move your packaging forward in a safe and efficient manner.

At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we are very grateful for Edison making nerdy science innovations “cool.” So here’s our shout out to him and all of the other inventors who helped turn them into the awesome inventions they are today.