August 06, 2020


B2B AND B2C? ONE AND THE SAME.Back in the day, a box was just that: a way to get a product from Point A to  Point B. But with the massive surge in online shopping over the past decade, this simply isn’t true anymore. If you’re sending a plain container, you’re just plain missing out on a marketing opportunity. This is equally as important whether that box is going to the front porch or the front office. With the lines between home and work continuing to blur, especially during COVID, it’s vital your brand show up with crystal clarity. Hear what our President, Tim Wilson, has to say about it, here.THE LOYALTY FACTOR.

When your packaging is an extension of what your brand stands for, it’s easy to understand the importance. The box is the first touchpoint, the first impression, the first communication with your customer, especially for e-commerce brands. It’s no coincidence that “communication” is synonymous with marketing and branding itself. You’re talking with your customer and this long-standing conversation translates to loyalty. This can come across through design, of course, but also through efficiency. If your product is packaged smartly, that’s a reflection on your brand, too.


As kids, we all used to play with boxes. They make the perfect fort, doll house or even robot costume. So when Amazon switched to a more eco-friendly box for the adults, they tacked on a little something for the kids: a large white pumpkin. For Amazon Prime Day this year, the little ones can sketch their Halloween design then, through their AR app, see their drawings come to life. In other words, the world’s leading online retailer gets it just like we get it here at Ernest.

A box is much, much more than just a box. It’s an opportunity. You can check out the full article here.


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