Because the entire month of may should be Mother’s Day.

May 15, 2023

We hope you had a great Mother’s Day on Sunday. But you might be asking yourself, “Why did Ernest say it 31 ways?” Because  we think every day in May should be Mother’s Day. To all the moms, with our whole heart, we love you to pieces. Are you ready? Here are a whole bunch of ways to salute our hero, Mom, all month long.


  1. Because you never gave up on me.
  2. Because you put your feet on the dash when dad drove us home.
  3. Because you gave me everything you never had.
  4. Because you taught me to see the greatness in others.
  5. Because you truly believe tomorrow will be better.
  6. Because you always had gum in your purse.
  7. Because you warned me against being normal.
  8. Because you will always be three feet taller than me in my mind.
  9. Because you never told papa.
  10. Because you always left one dirty dish in the sink.
  11. Because you let the Santa thing go on for way too long.
  12. Because you brag about me when I’m not around.
  13. Because you made me soup that was almost as warm as you.
  14. Because you were on the jury, but you never judged.
  15. Because you love to laugh until you cry.
  16. Because you know the worst stuff leads to the great stuff.
  17. Because you recognize the color, see the person and talk to the soul.
  18. Because you brought me here and I love it here.
  19. Because you always knew the answer but let me find it.
  20. Because you made me the Halloween costume that didn’t exist.
  21. Because you were totally fine with breakfast for dinner.
  22. Because you could always spell it without sounding it out.
  23. Because you didn’t read stories to me, you acted them.
  24. Because you reminded me of someone I hadn’t met yet.
  25. Because you were interested, even if it wasn’t interesting.
  26. Because you were the loudest and proudest on the sidelines.
  27. Because you understood the difference between bad and good.
  28. Because you let me go solo to test it all out.
  29. Because you have incredible handwriting.
  30. Because you went to bat for me when I should have been benched.
  31. Because you are the best mom in the whole wide world.


Whichever ones you choose from above, or if you have a few “Becauses” of your own, remember to remind your Mom she’s #1 in your book.