How Much Shipping Damage Can You Live With? [White Paper]

May 23, 2017


Shipping your product is great for business, but only if it arrives undamaged. Online shopping supported by remarkably fast shipping couriers means you can sell to just about anyone in any city at any time. There’s so much potential in that opportunity. Is your packaging up for the challenge?

A 30% Damage Rate is Not Okay

“We have had customers who thought that nearly one-third of deliveries arriving with some kind of damage was just the cost of doing business,” says Ernest Packaging President, Tim Wilson. “Using our process to finds failure points and taking all packaging materials into consideration, we were able to create a new design that dropped their damage rate to zero.”

Your packaging must be up to global shipping challenges and the damages that can incur to your product en route. If not, the potential for breakage, loss,  and unhappy customers are just a few of the things that will impede your growth.

You know you need packaging, but with so many options available for inners, outers, cushions and void fill—let alone the design and branding aspect—it can be overwhelming. And your product, profits (and maybe sanity) will be at risk if your packaging fails.

That is why you need a plan.

Inside, you will find guidance on creating product packaging that meets your business needs and still delivers a powerful brand impact on the end consumer. See how you can open your process, learn from your failure points and calculate the costs and ROI of implementation to make bold and innovative business decisions.

Download Product Packaging Design: Your 5-point Plan today and kiss your old ineffective packaging solution goodbye. Protect your product, improve your bottom line, make customers happy, look like a superhero at work. What else do you need?