New Video: Ernest Is On CBS2!

December 19, 2014


We’ve been preaching it for a long time, and our message has finally made it across the airwaves and into million of homes across the country: Cardboard can get crazy!

CBS2 Los Angeles got wind of our Ernest Cardboard Chaos video series, and they wanted to see what we’re all about.

CBS2′ s Suzie Suh recently stopped by the Ernest headquarters to talk with Tim Wilson, Ernest’s president, and Mike Martinez, director of consulting services, about Ernest Cardboard Chaos — including our cardboard snowboard and our cardboard surfboard! We also gave Suzie a sneak peek at our newest projects. What are they? You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

We had a blast sharing our excitement for cardboard and packaging. As Suzie mentions in the video, some people might think that cardboard is boring, but we continue to prove them wrong!

“Paper has so many great characteristics,” Tim says in the video. “It has strength, but it’s flexible. It’s the best of everything.”

As for the new projects that we introduce in the video, we can’t wait for you to see them early next year!

Mike and the rest of the Ernest team work extremely hard on these projects — doing whatever it takes to get them right. It’s the same care and expertise that we put into our work with our customers each day.

You can read more how they made the boards here for the snowboard and here for the surfboard.

Although we’re excited to be featured on CBS2 Los Angeles, our commitment each and every day is to our customers and their success, so we won’t let a moment of fame go to our heads. That said, Tim showed up to work this morning in an oversized fur coat and won’t let anyone look him directly in the eyes.

At Ernest our customers are always the stars. Contact us today about creating packaging that’s worthy of the spotlight.