December 18, 2020

The gift-giving season is here and this year, it’s going to be light on the packed shopping malls and heavy on the packing and shipping. So here at Ernest, we had a thought: with all of our great clients, why not make a list of those who have the perfect presents for friends and family? It was no easy task choosing which of our awesome partners to feature. So we picked eight that seemed especially festive and we apologize for all those that certainly deserved to be included. From food and drink to fragrance and fun, we’ll help you make that list that checks off all the boxes, all from the comfort of your couch.


1. Chef Shamy, Fresh Churned Butter

Don’t call it a condiment. Butter can be a bigger hit than the bread itself this season, with Chef Shamy. On top of being gluten-free, Kosher, Halal and completely acronym free (i.e no rBST and MSG), it’s capital ‘D’ Delicious. Whether it’s savory garlic or black truffle, sweet blueberry honey or chocolate(?!), you’re giving a topping that will top them all.

2. Carlton Farms, Gourmet Meats

For the carnivores on your list, check out Carlton Farms.This Pacific Northwest institution has been serving up the meaty goodness for over 60 years. Go pure sizzle with the Bacon Lovers Gift Pack. Go tubular with the Sausage Sampler. Or get the full spread with the “Classic,” complete with NY strip steaks, pork chops, pork loin, bacon and seasoning to top it all off.


3. Smart Cups, Energy Drinks

Sure, the holidays are usually when we break out the fine china and the good wine glasses. But this year has been, how should we say it , a bit more casual than most. Our suggestion? Get a bubbly energy drink where you just add water, with Smart Cups. This revolutionary company actually 3-D prints the flavors on the bottom of their cups, making for lightweight shipping, incredible flavor and the fun of seeing it fizz up right before your eyes.

4. Pizza Port, Brewing Company

Or if you’re more into suds than sparkle, check out the craft beer wizardry from So Cal brewmeisters Pizza Port. California Honey Ale, Swami’s IPA, or Bacon and Eggs Imperial Coffee Porter will all fit the bill to get the holiday festivities started. Of course you can always put your energy drink or brew in a glass. We’re just trying to save you valuable holiday downtime, that’s all.


5. Fragrance Net, Perfume & Cologne

The pumpkin, the pine needles and the potpourri. You can tell from your nose alone it’s the holiday season. This season, though, you can go for something even more uniquely olfactory, with a gift from FragranceNet. From his or her favorite cologne or perfume, to aroma therapy gifts galore, you’ll find a bouquet that keeps giving into 2021.

6. Scentsy, Wickless Candles & Fragrance Wax

If you’d like to keep your whole house smelling fresh and clean, while having a lot of fun in the process, check out Scentsy. You’ll find traditional wax candles and diffusers galore, plus a ton of items from your favorite movies and sports teams. Because it really doesn’t get any cuter than Baby Yoda holding a tea candle.


7. Sno-Go, Winter Sports Bike

If you have someone on your list that hits the slopes during the holidays, why not surprise them with one of the coolest means to get down the mountain? Check out SNO-GO. Imagine a retro-fitted a mountain bike with two freestyle skis for the back wheel and one for the front. It’s the world’s fastest growing winter sport and it’s super quick to learn how to ride one, too.

8. Tachi Palace, Casino Resort

Or if your gift recipient is more into the indoor type of adrenaline, consider a gift package from Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino. From gaming to swimming to to fine dining and more, they’ll get into the holiday spirit without going out in the cold with a parka and boots.


We hope this helped spark some ideas for your holiday gift-giving endeavors. We also invite you to check out our Buzz Blogs and Ernest to the Rescue videos for more on our inspirational partners and of course our innovative ideas. If you have any question about how we ship on time, on temp and on budget, or have a business and would like a free consultation, reach out at www.ernestpackaging.com/contact to speak with an Ernest Packaging representative. From all of us at Ernest, we hope you and yours have the happiest of holidays.