Overpacking Is Costing People (and Businesses) a Lot of Money

February 21, 2017


Americans across the country are starting to plan travel for spring break. Some will head south and others north. Maybe east or west? Any direction, what they all have in common is a desire to avoid hefty baggage fees for over packing their suitcase. And with good reason!

We’ve Buzzed about the need for not shipping empty space before, but there is another challenge we are ready to help customers conquer. That is the challenge of weight reduction. This can come by way of using lightweight packaging materials—similar to how many airplanes components are made of lightweight plastic.

The most recent study from the U.S. Department of Transportation reports that checked bag fees from airlines topped $3.8 billion per year. This includes fees for heavy bags (which can cost upwards of $100 per bag) to items like sporting equipment and scuba tanks which can cost hundreds of dollars more. That’s a lot of lost moolah that could be avoided by packing lighter, smarter and with more creative thinking—like checking two smaller bags instead of one overstuffed large bag.

Savvy travelers know there are ways to maximize the space in your bag. They puts socks, belts or ties into their shoes, roll multiple shirts into one tight bundle rather than folding each individually, or they simply pack light and make a stop in a laundromat or take advantage of a hotel’s laundry service. Plus you can wear layers of clothes on your flight and save space that way. Just don’t overdo it.


Packing a suitcase for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness relies on the same principles as packing your product for shipping. Overpacking can be more than just a hassle and expense for airlines and passengers. Overpacking and overpackaging cost businesses more money to deliver their product. Additionally, consumers must exert more time and effort to dispose of the materials. It’s a lose-lose.

“There are many ways brands can tackle overweight shipments,” Tim Wilson, Ernest Packaging Solutions President, says. “You can change the product, which can be very expensive, or you can change the design of your packaging. When done right, you’ll not only make sure you’re not overpaying to send your product, but you’ll also have a custom designed package that makes an impact on your customers. That’s the magic of good package design!”

Learn more about the solutions in the name Ernest Packaging Solutions today including our very own DIM weight app! Give us a call to get started on a more efficient packaging journey. We’re ready to make sure your packaging is sleek, stylish and not an ounce heavier than it needs to be.