Pac-Man Board Game Comes Packaged in Paper

June 04, 2015


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Every time Pac-Man dies — or more specifically, gets caught by a ghost — he comes back to life to try again. Life is imitating art, as the classic arcade game continues to be reborn for new generations — this time as a paper board game.

The original Pac-Man is 35 years old, but he’s brought back to life by as an iPhone app, a Google Doodle game, online recreation of the original game and as the villain in this summer’s blockbuster movie “Pixels”. Pac-Man is to video games what stock boxes are to packaging: classic, timeless and always finding new uses.

Now an Australian graphic designer has created a brilliant Pac-Man board game. What’s more, it’s all beautifully and seamlessly packaged. Both the box itself and the instructions brochure look like the game’s namesake character. All of the game’s contents neatly fit into the game grid, which fold out to make the board game.





This is a great example of clever, cool packaging with no wasted material. It also creates an incredible brand experience for its users. The only thing it can’t do it prevent you from getting attacked by ghosts!

It’s the same thing that we at Ernest Packaging do every day — creating attention-grabbing packaging for our clients.

Are you getting board — errr, bored — with your packaging? Contact us to make your packaging iconic.

And in the meantime, watch Pac-Man try to destroy the world in the trailer for pixels.