Packaging That’s Not What You Grew Up On!

November 07, 2013

After a week of gorging yourself on Halloween candy, you may not ever want to look at a chocolate-covered nougat or plastic-wrapped confection ever again.

Who are we kidding … of course you want more! And if the melted chocolate stains on the fingers and mouths of our packaging engineers here at Ernest Packaging Solutions are any indication, we have a bit of a sweet tooth, as well.

For you, um, “older” Halloween fans: We wonder if you noticed any of the packaging updates of your favorite candies that may have changed from the time you went trick-or-treating.

Do you remember the foil innerwrap that used to protect your Hershey’s chocolate bar? Did you notice when they stopped using this solution in 2003? Yup, turns out this single fin-seal film wrapper was a better solution to extend the shelf life of this delicious treat which definitely pleased the store owners in this world.

So we can’t blame them, even though we miss the sound of peeling that foil back. We know you miss that sweet, sweet sound.

Want another example of candy packaging that has changed? M&M’s were packaged in cardboard tubes in the 1940s. The tubes withstood extreme temperatures and were added to American soldiers’ C-rations (and if this retro advertisement is to be believed, it could help you get a girl while chomping chocolate).

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The cost-saving cellophane packaging we know today came about in 1948. Shortly after the war, M&M’s began packaging their candies in bags again.

Sometimes product packaging looks appetizing, and it may not be a good thing. Tide Laundry changed their detergent-pods recently because their visibly gooey centers look too much like … wait for it … CANDY! Eek!

Packaging is always evolving, if you have a challenge and need to update your packaging, Ernest Packaging Solutions can create a customized solution that caters to every kind of sweet tooth. Contact us today to find out more!