Raise Your Plastic Single-Serve Cups of Wine

April 26, 2016


Lift up your glass of wine and say “Cheers!” to single-serve wine packaging design! Don’t worry if you don’t hear that classic clink of glass stemware because these bad boys are made out of plastic.

Single-serving wine has enjoyed increased popularity in recent years. Copa di Vino made a splash on Shark Tank back in 2011 and can now be found in retail stores around the country, along with strong brands like Stack Wine.

As we covered in our post The Generational Food Packaging Divide, younger consumers are more drawn to the ease of single-serving … well, everything. That includes wine.
couple wine


stack wine


The Bigger Picture

“You can’t overestimate how much Gen-Xers and Millennials want flexibility and ease in their packaging,” says Director of Design Solutions, Mike Martinez. “They want resealable and portable food packaging for on-the-go needs or just simple single-serving products.”

Greg Feinberg, President of Aisle 9 Group, a product and strategic marketing firm and Ernest partner, says “From a branding perspective this is a great way to show younger consumers you get them, you identify with them and you are meeting their needs. That is a strong brand message that is tied directly to your packaging.”

Don’t lose out on a huge section of the market because you’re not designing your packaging for their needs.  Our food and beverage packaging services are ready to take on any packaging challenge for any consumer group. Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today to see how our innovative approach to design is ready to move your packaging forward.

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