The Rising Cost of Bubble Wrap

April 04, 2017


The fun stuff you just can’t help but pop is about to cost a few more pennies. One of the makers of inner air cushioning products like bubble wrap just announced an increase to the cost of its poppable product. It stated the rise in price is due to “increases in the cost of resin and other raw materials that are expected during 2017, and to address the rise in other input costs such as labor, utilities, freight, and supplies.”

We get that raw material prices increase and that freight carriers are upping the cost of shipping with DIM weight pricing. But there may be something else afoot here. There are rumors that these price increases are a direct result of the popularity of bubble wrap following the Ernest Packaging Solutions Bubble Wrap Challenge!

When our President, Tim Wilson, donned a bubble wrap suit and jumped out of an airplane, people saw that bubble wrap could be used or anything. And now, because everyone wants to get their hands on this awesome product the prices are rising. That must be the explanation, it simply must!

Now, people are using bubble wrap for art projects, designer wear and more!

So on behalf of the Ernest Packaging Solutions team, we apologize for showing how awesome this stuff is and therefore driving the price up. We promise to keep our incredible ideas to ourselves next time. (Actually, no we won’t). And don’t worry, you can always get your bubble-popping fix for free on our website where you can click your stress away.

bubble wrap


If your packaging solution is in need of a burst of energy, contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today. We’ve got the know-how to create custom packages that keep you product protected and your customers coming back. And if you ask nicely, we’ll even let you pop a few rolls of bubble wrap when you come visit one of our offices.