Single-Serving Health and Beauty Packaging for Mobile Consumers

May 09, 2017


Single-serving pods of all sorts appeal to consumers because they offer a familiar product in a new and useful package. It’s innovative without asking the consumer to step outside of their comfort zone. We’ve become accustomed to single-serve in the food and beverage industry (whether it’s coffee pods or eggs). But in the health and beauty industries, there is a rise in the need for theses one-time use products.

“There are two primary elements pushing the single-serving packaging trend,” says Tim Wilson, President of Ernest Packaging Solutions. “On one hand you have consumers who value their time and want fast, convenient ways to get what they need and get on with their day. The second driving force is the amount of travel people are doing these days. Whether it’s for vacations or one-day business trips, consumers want to pack their favorite products quickly.”

There are, on average, 1.3 million business trips taken each day – a 38% rise since 2009. And savvy travelers know that you don’t check baggage on a work trip. So that means tons of carry-on luggage is being packed and unpacked every day. But even though space is tight and safety regulations are clear, that doesn’t mean travelers can’t pack a few cosmetic luxuries for their trip.

Take these single-use shaving cream pods from MonoSol as an example. This product allows travelers to bring lathering shaving cream with them in a travel-friendly pouch. Unlike some shaving cream containers, the pouch and Shaving Cream Minis were designed to meet TSA-approved carry-on liquid regulations.

single use package of shaving cream


Or, take this approach to travel cosmetics from Benefit Cosmetics.

benefit cosmetics packageSource

Want more? How about this sleep pack from Laneige that allows you to take only what you need on the road.

Laneige packageSource

Beautiful packaging with consumer lifestyle in mind? Sounds like a winning proposition. Are you ready to ensure that your packaging delivers this level of delight? Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today to learn how we can keep your products looking as good as they make your customers feel.