Ernest on Studio 1400 — The Power of Branding

January 28, 2020

How do you see 100% business growth over 10 years, grow your employee base by 70% and expand your national division footprint by 50%? You do what Ernest Packaging Solutions did: build a successful brand and put it to work.

That’s the topic of discussion over on Studio 1400, a new podcast from our friends at AFFLINK. Studio 1400 brings together the who’s who of packaging to talk about the state of our industry, and Ernest’s top brass just had to get in on the action!

On this inaugural episode, we sit down to talk shop with host Michael Wilson, AFFLINK’s VP of Marketing & Packaging. The big topic of discussion: how Ernest built a successful brand and became the standout marketer in our field.

Cardboard Chaos. One bold idea, millions of views and counting.

We’re gonna be honest. It’s not easy to build an identity of your own while you’re selling someone else’s products. And it’s not a move that shows immediate results, either. Some packaging companies do just fine without a strong brand — but at Ernest we were destined to be more than just a run-of-the-mill distributor.

Innovation and quirk have been part of our DNA since day one, when two brothers started a paper company in an old garage. If your origin story starts like that, you’re bound to be a bit unconventional! We built a reputation around that moxie that still defines us more than 70 years later.

The E-Team. Packing a punch for the Ernest brand.

So when you’re wowed by our corrugated creations with Cardboard Chaos or feel the mojo from our packaging mercenaries on the E-Team, it’s more than a creative piece of marketing. It’s a long-term investment in the Ernest brand — and one that pays dividends. A successful brand can inspire employees and clients alike, and pave the way for major business growth.

Oh, and sometimes it lets you go toe-to-toe with Nike at the ADDY Awards and come out on top. Best in shoe? Meet Best in Show.

Not Hiring. Bringing in awards and top-notch employees.

Head on over to Studio 1400 and you’ll hear from President Tim Wilson, VP of Client Relations Brian Porter and Chief Marketing Officer Scott Gardner on all of your burning questions. 

How do you get branding right? How do you translate your identity into a winning play for your business? How much air do you think you’d get if you ramped the E-Team van off a dock? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

And keep your eyes peeled on Ernest social channels in February 2020. A new E-Team series is on its way, and it’s comin’ in hot!