Exacting revenge on problems with exactly the right solutions.

Package Design

They’ve got designs on the #1 spot in packaging. From retail and display, promo and branding, and the unanimous team favorite: damage control.

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Brian Porter and alter ego
Porterhouse talk Package Design.

Product Support

If you’re looking to boost productivity and maximize quality, you’ve got a whole squadron of support in your corner. If you’re looking for ho-hum solutions, they won’t support that.

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Tim Wilson and Cornflake talk
Product Support and Protection.

Even their dossiers are dynamite.

How did this rough-and-tumble duo hone their skills? Hit them up on LinkedIn and see.

Supply Chain Management

Yes, a chain can be a weapon for good. From inventory management to reporting to distribution and logistics, our supply chain solutions are tempered steel: unbreakable.

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Tim and Cornflake
get seriously into
Supply Chain Management.

Process Design

The E-Team’s aim is to design it right so it’s done right. And when it comes to equipment, line or automation design, their processes are bulletproof.

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Tim, Cornflake and Porterhouse
go deep on Process Design.