The Evolution of Cardboard Modeling!

July 19, 2016


If you’ve been following our Cardboard Chaos series, you know that we’re all about finding cool things to do with cardboard. What you may not know is that we are the latest masters of a long history of corrugated creations.

All the way back in the 15th century, people began to realize that stiff paper was a perfect material to use for modeling. It was inexpensive, easy to print with designs and would last a long time. At first, the models were flat. They were either glued to the front of a wood block or equipped with a small strip of paper so they could stand up. It wasn’t until the late 1800s that the cardboard models became fully three dimensional.

After 3D came into the picture, there was no turning back. Cardboard modeling was huge in the late 1800s and early 1900s—and not just for kids, either. Many adults took up the hobby, creating scale replicas of their favorite ships, architectural wonders, and more. Because the cardboard was so strong, the models could be displayed proudly for many years.

Cardboard Bi-plane

Cardboard modeling is experiencing a surge of new interest today. Moviegoers are familiar with one of the most impactful methods of marketing with corrugated. They see them every time they step into a movie theater.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 9.20.42 AM

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That means $100 million dollar movies with $100 million dollar marketing budgets are turning to humble little corrugated to get you psyched to see their stories. This is because it’s easy to ship, strong enough to stand and versatile enough to even make just about anything come to life!

Cardboard modeling has impacted the maker movement, too. Modern printer technology means it’s possible for hobbyists to create their own model designs and print them right onto sheets of cardboard. Many of the models from decades past are still in good condition and housed in museums (there’s that durability thing again—cardboard doesn’t mess around!).

With the right construction and design, you might be surprised by how much durability and strength you can get out of cardboard. The packaging designers at Ernest can create a masterpiece that will make sure your products will get there without damage.

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