August 19, 2020



It’s all robots, right? Well, sort of. Automation does use machines to boost productivity and workflow, while keeping costs down. But properly trained people are a huge part of it, too. Rudy Chavez, Senior Consultant, Automation and Flexible Packaging at Ernest, is a pro at all aspects of it. He helps clients automate their businesses to take them to the next level. How? By sitting down and listening. That’s the first step to establishing relationships: taking a collaborative approach. For the past nine years in the automation industry, with the last two here at Ernest, Rudy has done exactly that. He listens to the challenge at hand, then guides his clients to the right solutions. All while keeping a keen eye on the ever-changing landscape of automation and new technologies.


As mentioned above, collaboration is key. Rudy works alongside the Client, the Suppliers and Ernest’s own Client Relationship Managers to get to the real root of the problem or challenge. Sometimes, it’s to help the company identify a bottleneck in their process. Other times, it’s to improve productivity. But whatever the issue may be, it all begins by identifying the long-term goals of the organization so he never shows up with just a Band-Aid fix for the immediate issue at hand. Instead, he diagnoses how the company can continue to run more efficiently today, and into the future. It’s only at that point where Rudy and his team can suggest the right automation and machinery. Not just with one suggestion. But with multiple solution options tailor-made to the specific needs of the warehouse or industry. To see how it all comes together, check out the process design page, here.


When it comes to seeing it to fruition, Rudy has 20/20 vision. Regardless of the client’s need, he’ll work with the equipment or machinery manufacturer to get it right for his customer. Many times, clients have existing equipment they’d still like to utilize and/or incorporate into a new line design system to lower costs. Rudy is totally on board with that, understanding that getting to the bottom of the problem has everything to do with the bottom line. He also works with the Ernest team of technicians (Client Automation Specialists) to make sure everything is running smoothly. The CAS team works side-by-side with the manufacturers’ technicians, from implementation to regular servicing of the machinery. A final and very important service this team provides is employee training. They’ll make sure the clients’ machine operators are fully trained in both safety and operation. The final result? Rudy and the Ernest team help increase productivity, decrease labor cost, plus create more space in their warehouses, allowing for a safer workplace.


Ernest being a family-run company gives the whole thing a family feel at work. It also puts serious emphasis on giving people time to enjoy their own family and loved ones the other 16 hours of the day. For Rudy, that means watching his son play basketball. It means sitting back and enjoying some music, especially if he’s watching his daughter who’s a drummer in a band. And it means coming back into work on Monday morning ready to solve the most impossible automation problems. Again and again and again.

On that note, if you’d like to see some of Rudy’s greatest hits and notable feats, check out the links, below. Also, if your company or organization would like a free assessment from Rudy and his team, contact us here.

Paper-shooter machine. 

Tape machine.

Stretch wrapper & shrink tunnel.

Stretch machine.