The Rise of Baby Food Pouches

February 18, 2016


If you’ve ever taken care of a baby or toddler any time in the last 5 years, then you probably know about baby food pouches. These single-servings of baby food come in convenient, easy to eat pouches. Here at Ernest Packaging Solutions, we love babies and anything that helps keep them fed and happy…especially with ingenuitive packaging!

Once a child has figured out how to use them (usually about 9 months old), all a busy parent has to do is take off the cap and hand the pouch to their kid.It certainly beats the heck out of pretending your spoon is an airplane and cleaning pureed squash off the ceiling.

How the Right Packaging Changed an Entire Industry

But where did they come from? It goes back to a guy named Neil Grimmer from Emeryville, CA. (The same place as Pixar. There’s gotta be something in the water…) Grimmer is a triathlete and used to be an executive at Clif Bar, so he knows a thing or two about food on the go. Back in 2008, he and his wife hit on the idea of putting baby food in pouches to get their young children to eat fruit, veggies and grains.

And it worked. Really well. So they started Plum Organics and put their organic baby food in pouches. Their first year, they made less than $5,000. By 2012, only four years later, they had sales totaling $53 million. Other companies quickly took notice. Today, baby food pouches dominate the shelves.

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Think about that for a second. A revolutionary change in the way a product was packaged allowed a small startup to take on the mega-companies like Gerber—and in only a few short years.

That’s the power of packaging. You can unleash that same power for your product. All you have to do is enlist the design innovators at Ernest. Contact us today to help you serve up the most appetizing product package.