Throwback Thursday | Ernest's Cardboard Surfboard Hits the Waves

September 01, 2016


As we head into the Labor Day weekend, we hold onto all things summer: BBQs, spending time outdoors, surfing. Oh, yes, surfing! It’s been almost two years since we launched our Cardboard Chaos surfboard video. A lot of work and creativity went into that project, and we couldn’t be prouder of the Ernest team. We celebrate you this Labor Day!

We’ve been sitting on something big for a while — well, technically we’ve been standing on it — and today is finally the day! Here it comes!


[dramatic pause]

[even longer dramatic pause …]

We built a surfboard out of cardboard! It’s part of our brand new video series with Signal Snowboards, Ernest Cardboard Chaos, which kicks off today!

In the Ernest Cardboard Chaos series, we’ll be pushing our skills to new limits to see what kind of wild and gnarly stuff we can make out of cardboard. Because Ernest is headquartered in sunny Southern California, we figured that the best way to launch it is with a cardboard surfboard.

Check it out!

Mike Martinez, Ernest’s Director of Consulting Services, was the real MVP of our cardboard surfboard. After countless hours of calculations, craftsmanship, trial and error, Mike — who worked on our corrugated snowboard earlier this year — nailed it. After that we worked with our amazing friends at Future Fins and Surf Prescriptions to get it all just right and ready to ride.

Then we hit the beach! Pro surfers CJ Kanuha, Brennen Clarke, Jeff Deffenbaugh rode the waves in awesome style with our paper board, along with local surfer Sam Archaga, Signal Snowboards’ Dave Lee and even our own Tim Wilson.

We had a blast making — and especially riding! — the board! This is just the beginning for Ernest Cardboard Chaos. Keep tuning in to Ernest’s blog and social media channels (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) to see what other wild stuff we come up with. What else do you think we should make with cardboard? (Tell us in the comments below or on our social channels!)

As much as we love pushing ourselves to the limits for Ernest Cardboard Chaos, our real passion is pushing ourselves to solve problems for our customers.

Has your packaging wiped out? Ernest Packaging Solutions can help you catch your next wave. Contact us today to talk about how we can improve the quality and efficiency of your packaging. If we can make a paper surfboard, just think of what innovation we can bring to your packaging!