You’ll Love Mr. Wilson’s Birthday Boogie!

September 14, 2017


The Classical Greek philosopher Plato, pondering the effects of old age, once wrote: “He who is of calm and happy nature will hardly feel the pressure of age.” This is nearly 4,500-year-old wisdom ringing true today, so we have to assume Plato was as happy and calm as they come! It’s just a fact that some things get better with age: broken-in blue jeans, fine wine (even if things are shaking up in the packaging department), and, most importantly…

Our very own Mr. Wilson, who just celebrated his 93rd birthday!! We’re not done partying yet, and we’re DEFINITELY not done eating all this leftover birthday cake, so let’s take a look at that Plato quote again while we digest and see how our birthday boy stacks up:

Is Mr. Wilson “of calm nature”?

We’re talking about a man who fought for our country in World War II, a decorated war hero who received a Bronze Star Medal for his exceptional service. Does this look like a face that cracks when the going gets tough?

Mr. Wilson

But don’t take it from us; check out Mr. Wilson sharing his wartime experience and a miraculous story of survival.

Is Mr. Wilson “of happy nature”?

Look at that smile! Mr. Wilson was surrounded by friends, loved ones (like son, Tim Wilson and granddaughter Sari) and all 12 divisions of the Ernest family on his special day, and The Beverly Belles spread the good vibes with a vintage salute to the birthday boy.

Mr. Wilson

Is Mr. Wilson “feeling the pressure of age”?

Ha! You’ve seen him take on the push-up challenge, so you know Mr. Wilson is still at his peak. And you better believe he’s got a thing or two to show the younger generation about letting loose; check out the birthday boy showing his granddaughter Sari how to cut a rug!

Mr. Wilson's boogie

WIthout a doubt, Mr. Wilson is still rocking and rolling. Don’t you feel like jumping up and grooving?? That’s how awesome it working at Ernest EVERY DAY!

Mr. Wilson’s dance moves are already famous over on Facebook, but we want to show the whole world what an inspiration our fearless leader is to each member of the Ernest Packaging Solutions family. Looking across the pond we can see fellow nonagenarian leader Queen Elizabeth II still galloping along with the best of ‘em at 91 years of age, but we bet she ain’t got moves like Mr. Wilson!

the Queen on a horsePhoto: Kelvin Bruce

Spirited leadership keeps the party rolling, even at the age of 93, and we couldn’t ask for anyone better to lead this dance than Mr. Wilson. Enough with the blog, let’s boogie!