Your Packaging Is Driving Your Customers Crazy!

April 19, 2012


So you’ve made the sale. Your packaging has served its purpose of moving the product to the store safely, and it conveyed your brand’s message to the customer well enough to get in the cart and through the checkout line.

We talk a lot here on the Ernest blog about designing for the lifecycle of the package, and this is one main point where companies may be out of the loop on just how negatively their product is received in the home.

For many, blister packaging looks great on paper as it can reduce weight, is relatively cheap, discourages shoplifting and the hard casing provides product protection. There are also regulations for certain packaging that must remain childproof or be protected in a similar way.

But customers don’t know, or often care, about those logistical details, and once the product is home and the customer you just convinced to give you money is struggling and straining (and hopefully not cutting themselves) with the packaging … well, it just doesn’t reflect well on you.

Is your packaging solution behind the times? Does your solution only take into account what it takes to put the product to market? New packaging techniques and products are becoming available. Your packaging solutions need to be adaptable.

Ernest has the team to engineer your packaging, select the appropriate materials and get your product to market and keep your customer happy at home. If you are looking to update your packaging, contact Ernest today.