The Baddest Battalion in the Packaging Arena is Back!

February 10, 2020

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The E-Team is an elite squadron of packaging professionals that never backs down from a challenge. Now, they’re back on the scene with even bigger and fresher fish to fry. Watch as they deliver the goodness for e-comm, test the boundaries of what’s possible with packaging materials, and a grab the worldwide title for champions of change management.

World Champions of Change

When a company is stuck on a gerbil wheel or caught up in the rat race, sometimes the best thing to do is schedule a cage match. That’s where The E-Team comes in. These heavyweights don’t take change management lightly. And they’re not afraid to lay the smackdown on the naysayers, the no-can-doers or those gloomy fear-mongers. So grab a seat ringside. The hammer’s about to hit the bell, baby.


In the e-comm arena, there’s no substitute for timing. And when you’re packaging perishables, the stakes get even higher. The E-Team has the goods to keep goods good, with proprietary technology such as TempEndure. Which means anything that’s ordered online is fresh out of the box just like it’s fresh from your local fishmonger or vegetable peddler. For a better taste of what these dynamos deliver, here’s a free sample.

Operation: Innovation

Batman had the Batcave. Bond had Q. So of course, The E-Team is going to need a secret lair and a crew of R&D geniuses at the ready to invent the coolest stuff and run damage control, too. From super tricky to extra fragile, they’ll custom design for the seemingly impossible, whether you’re shipping a crate of crystal chalices, mailing a fun house mirror, or packing a papier-mâché Mardi Gras mascot head. Want to see their lab? Here’s the passcode: