The Heat is On, But Is Your Packaging Game On Point?

May 24, 2016


Want to know a little secret? There is an entire genre of YouTube channels that show what happens when you heat up things like copper, steel, aluminum or a ball of nickel and drop it on stuff. Stuff could be anything, like a Jaw-Breaker candy, Dawn Soap or the ever-impressive watermelon, which took the red hot ball of nickel pretty darn well!

The point is, unless you’re shipping watermelons, which are apparently encased in some kind of futuristic heat-resistant coating, heat is an enemy of the shipping world. And while these video creators may have an appetite for destruction, your customers just want their stuff.

At different times of the year, cargo containers can experience 50°C swings in temperature. The heat and humidity can also condense and cause “cargo sweat” to occur or even rain inside of the container! Unless you’re shipping aquatic sea creatures, a rain storm in your container is not ideal.

So, what do you do when you have cold-chain products that need to get from the deserts of Arizona to the deserts of the Sahara? Call your friends at Ernest Packaging Solutions, of course. We put our money (or our President) where our mouth is, as you can see in this Ernest Challenge featuring our TempEndure® solution.

That’s our own President Tim Wilson showing you what is possible with cold chain logistics and custom package design from Ernest Packaging. From food and beverage to pharma and other regulated industries, finding the right balance of protective and efficient packaging is the key to success.

That’s where we come in. Contact us today to see how we are moving packaging forward and perform our best when the heat is on!