Temperature-sensitive products need a solution that maintains the perfect environment and protects your cargo. We’ve done some cool things with our proprietary TempEndure® system.

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For products that have to be kept at a consistent temperature, you need solutions that are sure to keep your precious cargo safe. That’s TempEndure® engineered systems. This proprietary cold chain management solution is unique to Ernest and offers the only fully integrated, sustainable approach for creating customized packaging with its own internal environment. Our cold chain packaging experts will help you select from a range of refrigerants, insulators, outer protection and inner containers to create the ideal environment to meet your specs. When temperature and time matter, we have the solutions to help you keep your cool.

Customized Insulated Packaging

For thermally dependent packaging, you need more than an off-the-shelf solution. Your TempEndure package is designed with the unique requirements of your product in mind.

The advanced technology of TempEndure and the expertise of Ernest Packaging Solutions add up to your advantage. TempEndure is available exclusively through Ernest Packaging Solutions. Our expert consultants work closely with you to develop the best package for your needs. Each TempEndure insulated package is customized for the unique needs of the product it protects. By considering specific ambient conditions, temperature parameters, transit distances and duration, as well as materials and design requirements, we create the most efficient solution possible. We focus on using fewer materials to save resources, constructing a smaller package footprint to reduce shipping costs, and providing the level of protection your product needs to minimize risk of loss.

Tempendure Packaging

You can count on a solution developed by the most experienced, qualified experts in the industry.

Larry French – Senior Consultant, Cold Chain Solutions, Research & Development

Larry is an innovator and an inspiration. He loves collaborating with customers to come up with new solutions. And some of his proudest moments happen when that teamwork results in something with great value. One such experience was when he was able to launch a next-generation insulated pharmaceutical shipper for the medical industry.

His background as a systems and chemicals engineer delivers great value to our customers. He often finds himself developing new products and processes to meet unique requirements or solve for special situations. It’s clear he’s in his element when he’s on the leading edge.

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