Ernest Turning Corrugated into Silver and Gold!

March 03, 2016


Did you hear the big awards news the other day? You know, how everyone was excited because someone received the long-awaited recognition after being unjustly robbed of golden statues for years?

No, we’re not talking about Leonardo DiCaprio finally getting an Oscar on Sunday night. We’re talking about Ernest Packaging Solutions and our marketing partners at Liquid Agency taking home a Gold Addy Award presented by the American Advertising Federation. The award was for Best in Show in the Silicon Valley for our awesome website!

Our Dear Addy
Our Dear Addy

Much like Mr. DiCaprio, we were robbed of receiving recognition in statue form for far too long. But, with all due respect to Leo, anyone can get mauled by a bear! It takes some special people to make paper surf, skate, ride and rock. Speaking of which, the Paper Skateboard video took home a Gold Addy and the Paper Fender Stratocaster took home a Silver.

Now, all joking aside, we can’t give enough thanks to our partners at Liquid, Signal Snowboards, our amazingly talented staff and the companies like Prince Lionheart and Fender who helped make our quirky ideas a reality. It’s an honor to make things with all of our hardworking Ernesters every day!

As the winner of Best in Show for Silicon Valley, we now get to compete with the big dogs at Nationals!. This isn’t our first time going to Nationals, in fact we went with a Best in Show video only a couple of years ago. But just like another Oscar winner Rocky and his contemporary film equivalent Creed, we fought and clawed our way to the top yet again and are ready for the big time. Yo Adrian, hope you all are rooting for us underdogs!