Pizza Hut Slices Up Cardboard Movie Projectors

June 11, 2015

Just in time for the summer blockbuster season, Pizza Hut has a new release of its own: The Blockbuster Box!

Once you’ve eaten your pizza, you can turn the cardboard box into an iPhone-powered movie projector! Usually when you order a pizza, there’s a little table in the middle of the box that keeps the pizza and box from touching. With the Blockbuster Box, the pizza table will include a lens that will fit into a perforated hole in the box — allowing you to project videos from your phone. Ta da!

This isn’t the first time that movies and cardboard have joined forces. In addition to cardboard-inspired movies like “The Boxtrolls”, corrugated paper has been used to help recreate some of our favorite movie moments!

With our Cardboard Chaos video series, Ernest is in the movie business, too! Our next video is just a few weeks away … and wait until you see our special guest star!

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