May 29, 2019

Mr. Wilson's service

We’re excited to announce that our very own Mr. Wilson will be honored at the upcoming Los Angeles Dodgers game on June 2nd! As the recipient of the Bronze Star and Purple Heart, there’s a lot to celebrate about our dear CEO. He gave so much for his country that it’s only fitting we take this time to talk about packaging through the lens of our nation’s pastime: baseball!


Batter up! As baseball has evolved, so, too, has its main form of “packaging“: the catcher’s mitt. It should come as no surprise that as packaging experts, we’re fascinated by baseball’s packaging innovations and how they’ve helped protect the hand for a century.

Ready to play ball

When the pitcher packs a wallop, packaging protects the catcher!

During the late 1870s, catcher’s mitts were often simple fingerless gloves — imagine that! By the 1950s and 1960s, catcher’s mitts were re-engineered to allow for one-handed catching. Which leads us to today’s mitts. Just how do the pros protect their paws from 90+ MPH fast balls? It’s simple, new “Digital leather” that absorbs shock and improves grip. Players from the 1800s would be amazed by the future of packaging for their hands!

History of catcher's mitts

Photo courtesy of the Society for American Baseball Research

As you can see, the mitt has evolved so the catcher can deal with anything that might come their way — a fast ball, a foul tip or a runner stealing second base.


Bad packaging? Yer OUTTA there!

Your packaging should fit your product like a glove. Cutting down on excess materials helps provide the right fit, and can even cut down on your shipping costs. At Ernest we’re always looking for ways to optimize packaging for our clients, and the result is always a home run!

We want your products to be as secure as a catcher’s hand in a modern-day mitt! Looking for a packaging partner that knocks it out of the park? Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today!