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shook off her expectations. And shot to the top.

This is Vanessa Dichari

When a recruiter tried to sell Vanessa Dichari on a box company, she rolled her eyes and thought, “Don’t waste my time.” Then she went in for the interview. The people were great, the challenge was exciting, the fit felt right.

As a Client Relationship Manager in Portland, OR, Vanessa has fully embraced all things packaging. But what gets her most excited are the ways Ernest challenges expectations and pushes the limits. “It’s a very open-minded culture,” Vanessa said. “The people here are what make it different. And I love sharing our creative solutions with our clients, like Cardboard Chaos. Who would have thought you could build a surfboard or a guitar from corrugated?!?”

In just six years, Vanessa has gone from new recruit to a true leader. As Client Relationship Manager, she’s set a record-breaking pace that’s redefining sales success. But her journey wasn’t easy. After a decade in the telecom industry, she faced a big learning curve. But Vanessa has a lot of E-Team in her, so naturally, she faced the challenge head on. In true Ernest-like fashion, she innovated to solve problems for our customers, which made her story compelling, and opened a lot of doors.

Vanessa continues to build a successful book of business that’s breaking records month after month. She loves helping her clients find solutions for their unique problems or just simply giving them better options. Her story is living proof that you should never underestimate the power of perseverance.


“This is a company that lets you really capitalize on your strengths.”


Today, Vanessa remains focused on building her book, but is equally focused on finding balance in her life. Which is why she takes time out to pursue one of her top personal goals: traveling. Her favorite spot? Thailand. She loves the people, the serenity and the quality of life. Not to mention the fact that it’s a place many people wouldn’t expect her to go.

This makes complete sense, of course, because delivering the unexpected is one of her true strengths. It’s all part of staying committed, staying balanced and going above and beyond for her clients. With Vanessa, that’s one thing you can always count on. When it comes to exceeding expectations, expect her continue to lead the way.

Linda is more than a legend. She’s part of our legacy.

This is Linda Rodriguez

When you work at Ernest, you become part of the family. But when you work at Ernest for 26 years, you become part of the legacy.

Linda Rodriguez joined Ernest Packaging Solutions on the warehouse floor in the early ‘90s. She didn’t have a college degree, but she outworked everyone and demonstrated leadership skills from the start. Today, Linda is our Director of Corporate Accounting and a “Fore-mother” of the Ernest Brand Council. Some people claim she bleeds Ernest orange.

Linda knows our business and culture backwards and forwards. She started as a warehouse expediter, then learned the ins-and-outs of routing and product deliveries. And when it comes to the financials, she definitely knows her way around a calculator. But it’s been her work on the Ernest Brand Council that holds the most meaning for her.

“What we created with the EBC is really remarkable. Tim had a vision and we really ran with it.”

But Linda, or “L-Rod” as she’s known within these walls, is just being modest. In 2011, she took the reins and helped create a team of passionate individuals that are truly the keepers of Ernest culture. This group of volunteers represent every Ernest division as the eyes and ears of what’s going on within the company.

And they do much more than preach culture. They fuse Ernest into one great community. By creating goals, turning small ideas into big realities, and making sure that each and every voice is heard. EBC members actively live it and inspire their peers to do the same.

Inspired by none other than Linda herself.

Linda and her co-members were responsible for creating the MVP peer recognition program, which is a special way to recognize individuals across the entire organization. And when they come together to tackle challenges big or small, they stay focused on how to boost morale, to give something back to the community, and how to encourage and educate others.

Linda’s passion for Ernest spans every aspect of her life. Her kids have enjoyed their summer jobs at the company and she even jokes that she’ll have her coffin bubble wrapped when the time comes. With her enthusiasm and uniquely Ernest spirit, she’s not only created a legacy here. She brings that same passion to her friends, her family and the community as a whole.

But it’s probably best summed up by Linda herself:

“We’re all just trying to make the world a little more Ernest.”

A philosophy
that’s been in
place since 1946.

We’ve always taken a unique approach to packaging and business. From our CURE philosophy to our green initiatives, we don’t just talk about doing things differently. We do it.

Two Brothers.
One Dream.
Ernest and Charles Wilson start Ernest Paper Products.

Wilson brothers
Accurate Container

We start Accurate Container, one of the first corrugated manufacturers in LA.

We extend our manufacturing services with LA-based Cal Carton.

Cal Carton

Ernest continues
to innovate.
Man walks on moon.
Hippies do weird stuff.

Tim becomes President of Ernest Paper Products.


We develop
SteelBoard and
TempEndure® technology.

New name.
Same dedication.
We’re now
Ernest Packaging Solutions.

Ernest logo
EBC logo

The Ernest Brand Council is founded. It protects our brand. It’s the heartbeat of our culture. And it’s a whole lot of damn fun.

Our VP of Talent
interviews a sheep.
Baaaaaaaaad idea.
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