New Video Series: Ernest is (Not) Hiring!

August 24, 2017


As a quickly-growing innovator in our field, we’re always on the hunt for the best and brightest talent to add to our Ernest family. We’re currently on a major hiring push to support our growth across all of our divisions, but let’s get one thing clear: there are certain applicants we are NOT HIRING.

You wouldn’t believe some of the candidates trying to break into Ernest! Just ask our Vice President of Talent Vince Vincent; they come in all shapes and sizes, and frankly we’re not sure how some of them even got past the screening process. We can’t blame them for wanting to join the company though, Ernest is a great place to be!

Whether our co-founder Mr. Wilson is strutting his stuff at company parties or we’re engineering new ways to kick the corrugated volume up to 11, we’re a group who works and plays hard. So you’ll have to forgive us for being choosy, because there’s a high bar to clear for joining the team.

Characteristics of Ernest Employees

So what does the ideal Ernest candidate look like? We’ve got a short but vital list of characteristics we’re looking for: We’re looking for true individuals to bring their personal expertise to every job. Each member of the team is expected to be a leader in their field, with no room for ego. Ernest is a company of collaborators, so approachability is a must. Overall, we want real performers who can go above and beyond on every project and help Ernest come to the Rescue!

“Our goal is to Move Packaging Forward, and we can’t do that without hiring individuals who challenge the norm and drive innovation,” says Vince.

And Vince should know best, since he has endured some crazy interviews lately! Check out our Not Hiring campaign videos and let us know if you think anyone (or thing) should have made the cut! Think you’ve got what it takes to do better? We’re excited to hear from you!