Consider it Corrugated: New Advances in Sustainable Technology

December 27, 2012


Looking for the perfect holiday gift for that tough-to-please tech enthusiast? Consider it corrugated.

In an ongoing effort to reduce a carbon footprint in production and tech servers, Facebook recently made a challenge to see who can come up with a biodegradable cardboard computer! Easy there, Mr. Zuckerberg, but corrugated is kinda our thing.

Gone are the days when you’ll throw that old laptop in the dumpster when the next new thing comes out. (Even though you can still try to sell the parts on eBay). Other companies, like Recompute, are also getting in on the next big cardboard thing.

Business giants buying into the idea of sustainable computer projects. It is estimated that by using sustainable products, like cardboard, computer manufacturers could save on material costs! WOW. Efficient and Green.

Moving packaging forward requires careful thinking. So in the name of creativity, Ernest Packaging Solutions gives this project two thumbs up. We have to wonder though, would eating or drinking near these puppies be disastrous? Cardboard isn’t exactly spill-proof (for your klutzy coworkers)

Tell us, would you use a computer made out of cardboard or is this idea TOO wacky for your taste?