Countdown to Turtle Power: 5 Radical Ways to Use Pizza Packaging

August 05, 2014

Any time pizza and mutant ninja turtles come together, it’s a fusion of two of the world’s greatest things. Add packaging to the mix, and you’re practically asking for the heads of Ernest Packaging Solutions’ engineers to implode at the mere concentration of amazing.

Now, we’re not ones to encourage human combustion, but we’re going to go ahead and walk a fine line in the post: To help quell your craving for coolness ahead of the Aug. 8 release of the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” reboot, we’ve rounded up a bunch of rad examples of pizza packaging to drool over, alongside Michelangelo and the rest of the pizza-loving turtle gang.

Check it out!

Pizza box as easel: The creation for that *other* Michelangelo.

Pizza packaging turned solar oven … because you need something to cook your post-pizza dessert in!

OK, so this isn’t *exactly* a box for pizza … it’s genius packaging for a “TMNT” DVD set!


A pizza box laptop stand for the techy-yet-thrifty people out there.

And finally … an easy-as-pie way to gift dough to the broke college students (or crime-fighting turtles) in your life!

As packaging experts, we love these innovative pizza boxes, because they illustrate the potential that packaging material hold. At Ernest we don’t see a brown box; we see an huge branding opportunity for you to tell your customers something about you. We can turn your box into so much more. Read our free new whitepaper about B2B branding opportunities or contact us today!

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