Doritos Towel Bag — So Long, Cheesy Fingers!

March 04, 2019

doritos chips

Color can be a powerful tool in marketing. Using color correctly can inspire a consumer to choose your packaging over other options on the shelf. On the other hand, there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing colors where they don’t belong — like orange cheese dust all over your fingertips!

Doritos knows this situation more than most. No matter how carefully you reach into the chip bag, you’ve suddenly got delicious cheese all over your hands! At Ernest we say that’s just more tastiness to go around, but Doritos is introducing a new element to this age-old tale. That element is — you guessed it — packaging.

Doritos Towel Bag

The Doritos Towel Bag is exactly what it sounds like: a terry cloth towel in the shape of a hot & sour chip bag. Don’t worry, the chip aisle of your local grocery store isn’t going to look like Bed, Bath & Beyond anytime soon. This is just specialty packaging that can be placed over a standard Doritos bag. You’ll still get all the crinkly goodness underneath!

Not only is the Doritos Towel Bag a clever packaging solution, it’s making snacking more sustainable. The bag is reusable — and thankfully washable. It can stand up to all the Doritos you can eat for years to come. It also reduces the consumer’s reliance on disposable paper towels, putting a more eco-friendly option right in their hands.

A worry of the past for some, a sign of victory for others.

A worry of the past for some, a sign of victory for others.

Sometimes finding an innovative solution to food packaging takes a fresh perspective. Edible packaging is just one example of how we can change the way we eat our favorite foods. When the great minds of the packaging industry are on the case, great solutions are inevitable — just like cheesy fingers!

In a chip aisle filled with sagging snack bags, Ernest helped Cape Seasonings stand up and stand out from the competition. Read our white paper to see how Ernest came to the rescue.