Double Dipping Isn’t Rude in the Logistics Industry!

May 21, 2012

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In the name of etiquette, double dipping your favorite foods has long been regarded as a no-no (just like George Costanza learned in this classic Seinfeld clip). But according to a recent study, the younger generation is sparking a new trend in food sharing. Now, more than 67 percent of Americans ages 18-34 think it’s okay to double dip, compared to only 28 percent of those 55+.

Just call us trendsetters, since Ernest Packaging Solutions has been encouraging its customers to double dip for years!

If sharing food sounds a little germy to you, that’s A-OK! We can assure you that participating in double dipping packages is 100 percent sanitary! In fact, these green practices are quite polite — to the environment! Unconvinced that you should be investing in reusable packages?

Look at the numbers. The economically savvy packaging engineer knows that reusable shipping containers will drastically reduce overhead costs!

A long-standing philosophy of Ernest Packaging Solutions drives this idea home. You can eliminate tons of waste with durable and reusable closed-loop systems. Our reusable product options are great for the planet and your bottom line. Cha-ching! For more money-saving tips allowing you to double dip, visit this page.

Reusable packages are not one-size fits all.  Your shipping needs are likely different from your neighbor’s. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list that will assuredly address your reusable packaging needs.

If you’re a big science nerd like the Ernest team, you may want to check out the actual research study where you’ll find lots of geek-tastic numbers, charts and figures.