Ernest and Fender Take to the Air on CBS Radio

August 02, 2016


Charles Osgood has captivated listeners with his anecdotes (and unparalleled radio voice) on The Osgood File since 1971. The show covers all that is interesting, from national news to human interest stories. In addition, he is a host on the Emmy-winning CBS News “Sunday Morning” television program. This work has put him in the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame as well as the top of every Ernester’s “top person I want leaving my voicemail greeting” list.

It is safe to say this legend of media has covered a lot of unique stories in his 45 years with CBS, so it must be a challenge to show him something he has never seen. Well, we were able to do just that thanks to our partnership with Signal Snowboards and the amazing people at Fender. Charles and company took our wacky idea and made it the focus of one of his radio programs. Take a look and listen!

That voice is just the best, is it not?!!

“We really can’t say enough about how proud we are to work with Signal and Fender on this project,” says Ernest Packaging Solutions President, Tim Wilson. “Months later we are still getting requests to create additional guitars or people who just want to bring our Stratocaster on their show.”

A lot of hard work goes into making something like this, it’s not like designers have the perfect solution in our mind immediately and then they make it.

Dave Lee, founder and CEO of Signal Snowboards whose inspiration for a cardboard snowboard kicked off what became the Cardboard Chaos series, thinks it was a perfect challenge. Lee says, “People know what a Fender looks and sounds like, so to take on creating one out of paper was daring to say the least. If it didn’t perform, people would know.”

Mike Martinez, Director of Design Solutions, adds that while our team at Ernest needed to provide a strong core that could withstand the milling process and the torque of the strings, “in the end, it was Fender who took our core and created a Stratocaster as only they know how.”

Great partnerships with masters of their craft is how incredible things are created. That is why we do what we do at Ernest. Whether it’s taking on corrugated challenges on the level of a Fender Stratocaster or helping clients design a custom package, it’s our approach to innovation that makes Ernest stand out.

Wilson continues, “If you look at pile of corrugated and only see a plain box, you’ll design a plain box every time. We see a lot more potential than that.”

See what we mean by potential by checking out some of our toughest challenges in our Premium Content section. When you’re ready to take your next package beyond the brown box, give us a call!