Extreme Sports: Cargo Ship Edition

January 19, 2017


Packaging and shipping logistics are pretty intense stuff. Seriously! It’s a wild world out there and we have to be ready for anything – even Bigfoot! To help us, we deal with a lot of cool machinery and creative folks to make all of our awesome happen.

Sometimes we get to unleash our engineering marvels on the world at large like we have with our Cardboard Chaos series. Cardboard Chaos turns corrugated paper into things like skateboards, surfboards and even Fender Stratocasters. No small feat, mind you. Though for us at Ernest Packaging Solutions it’s just another day at the office.

The chaos is spreading! After all, we can only assume that the creators of the the Wake Crane in Croatia were inspired by our outside-the-box thinking of packaging products. How else could they have conceived something so extreme?

What’s that, you haven’t heard of Wake Crane? Well, let allow us to show you. And in case you’re wondering, don’t try this at home!

A 360° wakeboard setup using container ships pulled by a harbor crane!? Where do we sign up? This is like a mashup of so many of our favorite things! We know that shipping containers can be used to make some amazing things (and even be a part of your next vacation). And personally, we would like to see how our paper surfboard or paper snowboard could stand up to this challenge!

If you’re in need of an extreme solution to a packaging challenge, give us a call. No challenge is too extreme for the people at Ernest Packaging Solutions. In fact, we prefer them that way.