Let’s Go Fly a (Sustainable) Kite!

August 31, 2017


At Ernest, we work hard, and we play hard. It’s hard not to when packaging materials are full of so many opportunities for fun! We’ve dipped into some of the awesome entertainment uses for cardboard, but today we’re setting our sights on new heights for other sustainable materials.

With a construction time of 5-10 minutes, the Kaku Dako DIY kite is definitely a cool summertime project. But what’s even cooler is that it’s made from simple, environmentally friendly materials: just bamboo and paper! That’s the kind of innovation we’d be proud to stand next to at the How Life Unfolds booth at SXSW.

kite gif

Image: Tait Design Co.

What else is cool about the Kaku Dako? Well, how about the fact that it basically functions as its own packaging? The kite string’s handle attaches to a reusable cardboard carrying case to function as a protective briefcase. That’s a clever, multifunctional idea, and we’ve seen a similar concept applied in the classroom with nonprofit Aarambh’s cardboard desks.

The Help Desk takes cardboard to new frontiers of altruism. It was created to help impoverished Indian children who generally do their schoolwork on the classroom floor and carry their supplies home in flimsy bags. The Help Desk unfolds into a sturdy desk and doubles as its own carrying case. Great minds think alike, and it’s great to see ideas like this taken to new heights out in the field!!

cardboard deskImage: Aarambh

Who said sustainability couldn’t be fun? We’re always fans of clever design, doubly so if it’s Earth-conscious. Ernest Packaging Solutions has led the way with environmentally-friendly packaging, and we’ve had our fair share of fun along the way. Check out our Cardboard Chaos series to see how much time and effort goes into designing solutions that make sustainability soar.