No Surprises with Transparent Packaging

July 11, 2017


They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. And that may be true, but it doesn’t apply to all situations. Take, for instance, meat. We might be a custom packaging design company, but our science sense is tingling, and it says, “Don’t buy that mushy brown steak!!

This is where we could show you a picture of moldy bread or rancid meat to prove you can judge food by its cover. But instead, enjoy this photo of a sleepy puppy because we love you.

puppy sleeping under a blanket

The point is, when it comes to food packaging, transparency can be an asset. All consumers have is the cover to judge, so why not make the most of it? That’s what Chicago-based PRE Brands did with their Flip-up vacuum pack meat packaging. It allows the potential buyer to inspect all areas of the meat and not just one side, like your typical grocery store packaging display.

meat packagingSource

This easy-to-open vacuum-sealed pouch can be put in the freezer and is attached to a recyclable paperboard backing. The result is a unique package design that is consumer friendly, environmentally conscious and highlights the brand’s openness to transparency “from pasture to packaging.”

That’s what we in the business call a winning formula.

Of course, there are so many other elements that go into food packaging – things like temperature control, sanitation, maximizing shelf life, protecting your food from sharks, etc. That’s why you need a packaging expert on your side. That’s why you need Ernest Packaging Solutions!

We turn your food packaging into an optimized marketing billboard at the point-of-sale to ensure it gets consumer attention, delivers the right message and makes its way into the shopping cart. We know we can do it because we do it every day! And the best part? We can help streamline your process and equipment to make the transition a piece of cake (or a piece of steak). Give us a call today to see how we can engineer a custom package design that will stand up to the most detailed inspection.