Recycled Plastic Fuel — Sustainability Steps On the Gas

November 18, 2019


The fight against plastic waste has taken a lot of interesting turns over the last year. We’ve seen truly innovative solutions to keep the material out of landfills, like plastic-paved bike paths and actual roads. Today we’re talking about another solution that’s in the fast lane toward a unique way to recycle plastic. You might just find it next time you visit the pump!

Brightmark Energy is turning plastic into diesel fuel. The San Francisco-based company has opened a plant in Indiana that could be a major win for our planet. They predict that in just a year the plant can turn 100,000 tons of plastic into 18 million gallons of fuel!

The process that will make it all possible is called chemical recycling. Here’s the real kicker: Brightmark can use the process on ALL plastics. Even the non-recyclable ones! That’s great news for all of the plastics that would otherwise get diverted from the recycling steam toward a landfill.

With massive amounts of plastic coming from nearby cities like Chicago and Indianapolis, it’s easy to see how this plant can do a lot of good. “This technology has been a twinkle in the eye for scientists for a long time,” says a spokesperson for the company. “But this is the first plant of this kind in the world that has made it this far.”

Photo courtesy of Brightmark Energy

Now, diesel isn’t known for being the most eco-friendly fuel on the planet. Thankfully the plant’s chemical recycling process will make major strides to change that perception. Their process will create ultra-low sulfur fuel, which produces only trace amounts of emissions.

Brightmark’s environmentally responsible diesel will fuel tractors and other farm equipment, not to mention semis that deliver packages all across the country. Their efforts have already caught the attention of some major partners. BP recently announced that they’ll buy Brightmark’s fuel and make it available at gas stations throughout the region.

No matter how your business uses plastic packaging, Ernest can help you keep your eye on the afterlife of the material. Our design team can help you implement plastic solutions that are better for your bottom line and better for planet Earth. Check out our solutions and see how we can put you on the road to sustainability.