February 20, 2018



Here at Ernest, we’re proud members of the clean plate club. When you have dinner with Ernest rest assured we’ll eat every last crumb because we know that hard work in the kitchen doesn’t deserve to go to waste. Thankfully we’re not alone because there are companies around the globe working hard to make sure food packaging waste can become a thing of the past.

An Indonesian company called Evoware is pioneering edible packaging made out of seaweed. Nearly tasteless and odorless, Evoware is hoping their innovative solution can solve an age-old problem with food packaging. Many foods sold for immediate consumption, like sandwiches and hamburgers, are wrapped in materials that aren’t recyclable.

Those wrappers may end up in landfills, but if Evoware’s solution catches on we may be able to eat our problems away! But if you’re on a seaweed-free diet, don’t be concerned about disposing of the packaging. Since it’s made from all-natural materials, the waffle wrapper is completely biodegradable.



Photo courtesy of Evoware

Is all this food talk making you thirsty? Not to worry, because edible water containers are on their way, too! Ooho is the name of a packaging project that seems like it was ripped straight from science fiction. Imagine a bubble that you can hold in the palm of your hand, filled with water. Simply pop the bubble in your mouth, and you’ve got a refreshing drink without any packaging to dispose of.

Ooho’s firm outer layer is made entirely from plant-based materials including algae. That means it naturally degrades within 4-6 weeks if for some reason that single swig of water is too much to stomach. And if you’re concerned about taste, rest assured the scientists responsible for bringing Ooho to life have made sure the film around your water is tasteless – just like we’ve seen with seaweed-based beer packaging!


Photo courtesy of Skipping Rocks Lab

These tasty takes on sustainability warm our hearts because Ernest Packaging Solutions is always on the lookout for fresh ideas that are great for the packaging industry and great for our planet. No matter your challenge in food and beverage packaging, we can’t wait to sink our teeth into a solution!