Thin Is In

December 19, 2011


Everyone wants to lose a little weight. Shedding a few pounds of stretch film is good for your pocketbook, the environment and for your workers who handle the products. Plus it still maintains the quality protection everyone expects.

And yes, we’ve heard the naysayer talk. Although some still think 80 or 70 gauge stretch film is the way to go. It’s time to re-think.

Here’s why.

It’s Stronger, Better Technology

Using thinner stretch film instead of the thicker, older variety is like comparing an 8-track tape player to a CD, a tube TV to a flat screen, or a cassette walkman to an iPod. There’s no comparison in speed, efficiency or technology. It’s simply better.

Thinner gauge film is newer technology than its older, thicker outdated counterpart. The NanoTechnology makes this higher-quality blended resin extremely thin and strong. It’s seven layers wrapped into one extremely thin sheet of protection.

It’s Lighter and Healthier  

Using less film on a pallet means it weighs less. That means workers are less fatigued from lifting shrink-wrapped materials since it’s lighter and easier to move.

Saves Money

There’s a trickle down effect. Less weight in film means it’s cheaper to ship because it’s lighter and takes up less space. That reduces shipping costs and handling of materials.

Wrap Everything and Anything, It’s Still Protected

NanoTechnology stretch film allows you to shrink wrap everything from furniture to containing a pallet. We’ve wrapped everything from coffins and cars to gumball machines and amusement park rails. You want to ship it, we can wrap it with thinner film that still offers the same (and sometimes even better) protection.

Be More Sustainable

Micron film is a better quality product at a thinner weight, but it’s also more sustainable. From reducing the carbon footprint used for delivery goods to minimizing waste after materials are delivered, less is more. After materials arrive, there is less to dispose of, which means less trash in landfills. And that is better for everyone.

For more information, contact Ernest today. Thin is in.