Throwback Thursday: How to Hold Your Own Corrugated Boat Race

May 01, 2014

As spring is in full force it’s time to get outside and enjoy a nice corrugated boat race, the theme of this week’s Throwback Thursday.

As our Ernest Packaging Solutions family has expanded into places like Texas and North Carolina, we’ve had to evolve our interests from West Coast things like taco trucks, celebrity gossip and smog. Now we’re totally into BBQ and country music.

And of course, we’re also embracing the good ol’ fashioned Southern tradition of racing. But we’re still a packaging engineering company through and through, so we’ll have to mix these passions.

So what do you get when you mix a nearly unlimited access to corrugated and a desire to race? Corrugated boat races.

This is a real thing, even with its own Wikipedia page.

The rules are simple:

  1. Only corrugated and duct tape can be used. No wax-sealed corrugated, and you can’t wrap the entire boat in duct tape — only tape the seams.

  1. You start on dry land holding your corrugated vessel, count to three and everyone goes at the same time.

  1. Everyone wears a life vest. It’s just common sense.

  1. You can use hands, paddles, legs — whatever you want to propel your boat.

  1. You can race from one end of a lake to another, around a buoy, or through an obstacle course; it’s up to you.

Oh, and one more thing, you need to name your boat. Something funny, clever and/or vulgar.

We think corrugated can accomplish most anything if you put skilled designers and engineers on the job, and that’s just what we have at Ernest Packaging Solutions.

Have a packaging need? We can help. Have a question about how to build a perfect corrugated boat for your race? We may share a few secrets. Contact us today to find out more.