Throwback Thursday: Smart Ways to Package Your Summer Fun

May 25, 2017


Though summer might not technically be here yet, for many – it’s sure starting to feel like it! In the spirit of the long weekend ahead, we’re taking a look back at the summer savvy packaging solutions that come in handy for all kinds of warm weather activities. So sit back, relax and enjoy some smartly packaged fun!

Happy Summer, Ernesters! It’s the time of year when you get to hit the road for a little outdoor fun. Whether it’s camping, hiking, road tripping with the windows down or whatever floats your summer boat, we’re here to help make it all a little bit easier.

See, we know packaging in all of its many forms. That means we can help you maximize space, master cold chain and even keep your chips from becoming a mess of crumbs. We’ve broken down some packing tips to get your summer gear where it needs to go. So let’s get to it!

Pack a Perfect Picnic

We’re not fans of anything resembling crushing, and we fight it (and win!) at every turn. We know about the importance of inner packaging to keep products safe. For you, this means keeping crushables like chips, bread and soft fruits happy by using some extra corrugated cardboard to divide up your basket. Or, you could just buy a basket with a few separators built in.

Picnic-edit (1)

Keep Your Camping Supplies Cold

Make sure your food stays cold and unspoiled by following these cooler packing tips:

Put ice in sealable plastic bags instead of dumping it all in at once. This way, your food stays dry (and cold) even when the ice melts. You will also want to make sure these packages of ice are distributed around the cooler so that you don’t get cold spots and not-so-cold spots.


Better yet, go with a couple of ice packs like all the meal delivery companies are doing. You can also freeze or chill items like hot dogs to keep them frozen longer and keep items around them cool too! And be sure to keep your picnic basket in the backseat of the car instead of the trunk to keep it cooler with the interior air conditioning.

Master the Art of Cargo Control

Keep an eye on safety and make sure you can see out of the back window. Don’t pack up an SUV with stuff so high you can’t see out the back. Instead, keep a clear area in the middle in order to see through the rearview mirror. You should also use vertical space and lay luggage on its side or upright when possible.


We know packaging and we know it well. It’s because we consider the best possible applications for materials, even in everyday ways. That’s why you need our team of custom package designers, who are experts at identifying the most efficient use of space and materials—always with your customer’s experience in mind! Contact us today to tackle your biggest packaging challenges.