Wacky Ways to Repackage Your Fast-Food Products

June 14, 2012


Listen up, because this tip may just thin your waistline!

Fast food has a bad reputation for its low nutritional quality. So after careful calculation from very experienced scientists (and some tips from mnn.com! thanks for sharing some cool ideas!), we came to this conclusion: Fast food is useful in the packaging world! But, hey, leave it to a bunch of engineers to find uses for otherwise seemingly useless items!

Before you pass on the greasy french fries, think to yourself, “What can I do with the packaging?” Use your imagination, and you may just save the Earth while you’re at it. For the perfect splash of color to your living room, try this recycled TV remote holder. Nothing says welcome to my home like the Golden Arches! Added Bonus: The oh-so-mouth-watering smell of McDonald’s doesn’t cost any extra!

Ever thought to yourself, “Dang, I would love to carry six drinks at once!”? Well, you may be in luck!  Eat a few sliders, add some masking tape to the bottom, create a handle and VOILA! Your very own drink carrier! The next time you’re bringing drinks to a potluck, you won’t have to make multiple trips. And don’t worry, all the potluck attendees will surely be jealous of your trendy new contraption.

Think outside the box. Let these do-it-yourself home products spark your creativity for future fast-food innovations! You never know when eating out could save you some cash.

So the next time you think about passing on that fast food meal, take one for the team. Reuse those containers in the name of sustainability! For more advice on how to reuse packaging, check out our tips.