What's Driving the Food & Beverage Packaging Revolution?

December 10, 2015

Consumers today want to look at packaged goods and know exactly what they’re getting—from the nutritional value of the product to the environmental impacts of the packaging. And, they’d like that all boxed up in way that makes sense for busy lives on the go.

Packaging has to do more to attract consumers, which is actually a great opportunity for brands to provide an experience beyond the product.

“Your story and ability to communicate that story will influence consumer behavior, positively or negatively,” Greg Feinberg, president of Aisle 9 Group, says. “It depends on how well you can tell it.”

There are several key shifts that illustrate how to move your packaging forward in the midst of this dynamic consumer climate:

More Transparency in Food and Beverage Packaging

No, we aren’t talking window packaging. People want to know what their food and drinks comes in contact with throughout the entire production process. And, not surprisingly, consumers have asked that food be packaged without the use of plastics that could be harmful to consumers or the environment. Being bold and clear about the nutritional value of products is important, but so is the transparency around the packaging materials. That brings us to the next point …

More Sustainability

Consumers increasingly want to lower their impact on the environment and expect the brands they buy to do the same. And they’re willing to pay more for it. You can make a connection with eco-savvy consumers if, for example, your new packaging is more sustainable and is only $.30 more than the competition.

More Convenience

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 9.13.31 AMMore and more food and beverage packaging is being created to use on-the-go. Plastic bottles of water and soda are more appealing than cans due to their resealable top. Snacks are pre-packaged in easy access and storage containers that travel well. Even edible food packaging is making a splash as a way to reduce packaging without sacrificing mobility.

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