What Can You Make with Packing Tape? Just About Anything

February 09, 2017


It seems the rest of the world is catching on to what we have known for years (70 years to be exact): Packaging materials can be magical. The only limit for what you can create is your imagination and an advanced engineering degree. Maybe that last part isn’t necessary, but it certainly has helped us create custom package designs over the years.

We’ve Buzzed about Dosshaus and others who are crafting a new world with corrugated paper and how one artist uses paint-injected bubble wrap to create portraits of celebrities. Well, we have a new artist who is finding creative ways to unroll tape (other than office pranks and packing tape playgrounds) who has found their muse in packaging material. Meet Max Zorn.

In addition to having a name that sounds like a superhero, he is “painting” complex and detailed scenes using only packing tape. Painstakingly built layer by layer and piece by piece the result can only be described as, ummm… increditastic.

bullett tape mural


packing tape artwork


Some packaging companies may not pay much attention to the little things like tapes and adhesives. We’re not just some packaging company. The custom designs and artfully constructed projects from Ernest Packaging Solutions don’t gloss over the small stuff. Our “sticktoitiveness” for every project means we find the right answer to every challenge–just like we did in our Wild Horses Challenge. Tamper-evident thermal tape, double-faced, high-temp, solvent-resistant and even just sticky adhesive; whatever you need from an adhesive solution, we’ve got you covered.

So when you’re looking for a packaging partner, look for the best. And look no further because you’ve found us. Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today and get started on a package design that will really get stuck in customers’ minds.